bmxboard rules

1. You do not talk about bmxboard.

2. There is no bmxboard.

3. Don't be a dumbass, you can be kicked off.

4. Do not have more than one account, no sharing of accounts.

5. Keep the posts in a topic about that topic.

6. Try to be a reasonable human being.

6. No posting of porn or links to porn websites.

6. Do not post the same message in multiple forums, no spamming the forums.

7. Illegal activities including trading of copyrighted materials is prohibited.

8. No posting of any links or sites that you get referral points, products or cash.

9. Don't mess around in the Beginners forum, you will be kicked if you do.

For Sale Section -

1. Sellers please post your email address along with as much info as possible.

2. No illegal items to be listed on the board.