Frequently Asked Questions -

Why can't I register?

Believe it or not, I get asked this question fairly often. Do to several factors, registrations are turned off. Occasionally I will open registrations, but it is very seldom. I do add new users regularly, so all hope is not lost. I will not deny an account to anyone that deserves one.

I emailed you and you didn't answer me back!

I get a ton of email. Sometimes I don't get to check it for a few days. I also am not a mind reader. When you write to me, tell me your account information, I am unable to guess who you are. If you are having account problems, make sure to send me all of your account information along with the problem you are having. I usually do not respond to email that asks questions contained in the faq, or when someone is being a prick.

How do I get access to the special sections?

In most cases you are invited to join the special sections. If you are interested in joining a special section, you can contact the moderator of that section for specifics.

I forgot my password, how do I find out what it is?

Click here and you will be sent to a screen that will ask your email address. Once you enter that information, your password will be sent to you. There are links all around that ask if you forgot your password, clicking them will bring you to the same screen.

I have been trying to get access to post on the board and it tells me I haven't been approved, whats the deal?

All applications to the board are not approved. You can email us and tell your story if you like

I have a hotmail account and it won't let me sign up

Yep, thats right. There are several domains that sign ups are not available through. Use your real one and there is no problem.

I have to type my name and password every time and its making me crazy!

Click here or on the preferences link and you can tell it to store your password. You won't have to type it in every time anymore.

How do I get an avatar?

Avatars are only available in the Clubs. If you are a club member, you can select one in your profile.

How do I get my photo in the gallery?

Email a photo to and say you want to put up your photo in the gallery. Include your username. If you don't have a scanner or want to send something in, it goes to: bmxboard, po box 577306, chicago, IL 60657

I have a super important question, how do I find you?

Email = - AIM (instant messenger) = sinisterbmxboard - Mail = bmxboard, po box 577306, chicago, IL 60657

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